Eat Lah

Malaysian rice bowls and spicy delights from Rob and Mel. Be sure to try the herbaceous blue rice.

Nasi Kerabu & Malaysian Sides.
Halal Meat

Sharing & Bites

Share Share Lah! - £17.50
2x Malaysian wings
2x Sweet soy sauce wings
2x Satay chicken
1x Big prawn crackers

Street Bites
Malaysian fried wings – 3pcs - £5.95
Sweet soy sauce wings – 3pcs - £6.50
Hand made spiral curry puffs (v)

  • 1pc £4.00 / 2pcs £7.00
    Satay Chicken skewers – 2pcs - £7.00
    Sweetcorn fritters (v) – 3pcs - £5.00
    Prawn crackers
  • small £2.00 / large £3.00

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu - £10.00
(Malaysian Blue Rice)

Served with:
Herb infused blue rice
Mixed Salad
Fresh Asian Herbs
Prawn crackers
Toasted coconut
Homemade sambal

Choose your topping:
Coconut Chicken
Satay Chicken
Malaysian Fried Chicken
Fried Tofu
Sambal Aubergine

Cham Cham

Cham Cham - £11.00
(Mix of any two toppings)

Sambal egg - £1.50
Extra topping - £1.50
Extra rice - £1.00

Drinks & Treats

Sweet Treats
Asian flavour inspired sweet treats.
Ask what we have on the day!

Pandan, lemongrass, and ginger tea - £3.50
The Tarik - £3.50
Lemonaid - £3.00
ChariTea - £3.00
Momo Kombucha - £4.50

About Our Team

Malaysian cooking combines ingredients and recipes from across Asia, bringing together the techniques and traditions of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Filipino and indigenous Bornean and Orang Asli cuisines. For Rob and Mel — the couple behind Eat Lah — this fusion has inspired a menu bursting with flavour and colour — as much a treat for the eyes as the taste buds.

Eat Lah’s signature dishes are built around Nasi Kerabu, a combination of zesty salad and herb-infused blue rice. Generous toppings include tofu, aubergine, chicken satay and grilled chicken marinated for 12 hours with lemongrass, galangal and fresh turmeric. For those who like it spicy, Eat Lahs’s very own sambal is not to be missed. A Karipap Pusing (crispy curry puff) or bag of homemade prawn crackers complete any order. Don’t forget to leave room for Eat Lah’s sensational desserts, including specials like pineapple tart and banana bread with Gula Melaka (sugar made from the sap of coconut palm buds).

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