Mexican street food classics with kick. Choose from original recipe tacos, burritos, churros and more.

Tacos, Burritos & Quesadillas


Gluten Free Corn Tortillas

x3 - £9.00

Smoky Beef
Ground beef, lettuce, habanero chilli sauce
Pico de gallo

Pollos Hermanos
Shredded Chicken
Sour Cream
Red Cabbage
Pinto Beans

Pulled Pork
Chipotle Sauce
Red Onion & Coriander

Cajun Sweet Potato
Cajun Sweet Potato
Avocado Dressing
Sweet Corn
Red Onion & Coriander

Cheese to your order for only - £0.70p

Mix and Match x6 Tacos - £17.90


Rice, Pinto Beans, Red Leicester Cheese, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Habanero Hot Sauce.

Wrap: £9.00
Bowl: £10.50

Smoky Beef
Chicken Tinga
Cajun Sweet Potato
Pulled Pork

Guacamole to your order - £1.90

Sides & Sharing

Quesadillas – with Pico de Gallo
Cheesy - £5.50
Beef, Chicken, or Sweet Potato - £7.90

Choose your topping – Sour Cream or Chipotle (included)

Guacamole - £1.90

Cheesy - £6.50
Cheese sauce
Sour Cream

Loaded - £8.90
Cheese Sauce
Sour Cream
Pico de Gallo
Sweet potato, beef or chicken

Guacamole - £1.90

Bag of Corn Chips - £1.90

Corn Chips and Guac - £3.90


Meats & Sweet Potato - £2.50
Guacamole - £1.90
Corn Chips - £2.00
Pico de Gallo / Beans - £1.00
Cheese - £0.70p

Jarritos - £3.00
Water - £2.00

About Our Team

Serving up contemporary takes on traditional Mexican street food, the folks behind Hermanos are driven by a passion for food, exploration and innovation.

Hermanos’ menu offers familiar favourites like burritos and tacos, but each with a twist. Choose smoky beef, pork shoulder in chipotle sauce, or guajillo chile squash. Or try chicken prepared tinga style — a stew from the city of Puebla, Mexico, made up of tomatoes, onion, garlic and smoky chipotle and herbs. Also on the menu are sides such as quesadillas and nachos, and of course, irresistible churros to finish things off with a chocolaty flourish. Hermanos’ corn tacos are always 100% gluten free and beef, chicken and veggie bowls are also available.

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