Juk Pou

Juk Pou is London’s very first congee and youtiao street food concept, sitting alongside dishes of rice and noodle bowls.

Authentic Chinese Food

Rice & Noodle Bowls

Choose from:
Noodles (+£1.50)

Tender Pork - £9.50
Aromatic, very slow-cooked pork belly in sweet soy thick broth with shiitake mushrooms, topped with pickled mooli.

Honey BBQ Chicken - £9.50
Succulent and sweet honey-roasted chicken thigh meat, marinated with our secret spices and perfectly grilled.

Yuxiang Tofu (vg) - £9.50
Shallow fried firm tofu with our home-made sweet and sour sauce.

Pork & Chicken Combo - £12.00
Our signature tender pork & honey bbq chicken combo.

Savoury Congees

Pork & Veg (GF) - SML: £5.00 / LRG: £6.50
Tender Pork strips with a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Chicken & Mushroom (GF) - SML: £5.00 / LRG: £6.50
The iconic chicken and mushroom umami congee.

Prawn & Sweetcorn (GF) - SML: £5.50 / LRG: £7.00
A fresh bowl of prawn and sweetcorn goodness.

All congees are optionally served with Chinese pickles, spring onions and coriander.


Soy Egg +£1.50

Youtiao +£1.50


Soy Egg (v) - £1.50

Pickled Radish (vg) - £2.00

Roasted Peanuts (vg) - £2.00

Sweet Congees

Multi Grain (vg, GF) - SML: £4.50 / LRG: £6.50
A sweet congee made with 8 different whole grains and dried fruits.

Black Sesame Milk (v) - £4.50 / LRG: £6.50
Creamy British jumbo oats porridge made with black sesame powder, topped with goji berries, dried dates, roasted walnuts and almonds.


Sweet Bomb (v) - £4.50

Sesame Brittle (v) - £4.50



Hong Kong Milk Tea - £4.50

Soya Milk - £3.00

Canned Drinks - £1.50

About Juk Pou

Founders, Shiqi Liu and Stan Yang, have taken inspiration from their childhood to recreate authentic dishes around congee and Youtiao - two staples in Chinese cuisine. The ultimate vegan comfort food, Youtiao are Chinese deep-fried breadsticks, freshly cooked and eaten across the whole of China. A good Youtiao will be crispy on the outside, and airy on the inside!

Congee is a creamy porridge made up of rice and water or broth, slow cooked for four hours over a low heat until the rice disintegrates. Served sweet or savoury and naturally gluten free, the congee’s toppings are a highlight with Juk Pou serving Pork & Vegetable, Chicken & Mushroom, Prawn & Sweetcorn alongside delicious dessert variations of Multi Grain and Black Sesame Milk.

Congee and Youtiao sit alongside dishes of rice and noodle bowls of tender pork, honey BBQ chicken and Yuxiang tofu and sides of soy egg, roasted peanuts and pickled radish. Desserts feature Sweet Bomb and Sesame Brittle while drinks of Bubble red bean milk tea; red bean milk tea; traditional Hong Kong style milk tea are also on offer. Juk Pou works closely with their producers, sourcing all their meats direct from UK-based farms and butchers.

Before launching Juk Pou, the two pursued different careers with a shared passion for street food. Shiqi runs an influential foodie channel on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), a social media platform described as China’s answer to Instagram, while Stan has travelled the world, trying street food offerings in more than 25 different countries. On the launch, Stan comments, “I’ve grown up around the smell of congee while living with my grandparents and since then, whenever I miss home, I cook some to relive my childhood memories. Congee in particular is a blank canvas on which you can innovate anything, and so it makes sense that Greenwich Peninsula, the creative hub in South East London, should be Juk Pou’s home! We’re excited to bring a brand new concept, and dishes that we love, to the London food scene.”